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Graphenizer Lineup

Restore your engine with the help of the latest technology


Vehicle Restoration using just liquid

Using our patented lab created graphene induced nano material, we have been able to make unleaded and non toxic set of additives for better lubrication and performance, we called this lineup “Graphenizer”. Graphenizer is the only additive lineup in the world currently that can do a full engine restoration for vehicles and machines regardless of age just using liquids and without opening any engines or any other such components.

The beginning of this journey was with aims to reduce our carbon footprint on this planet.

Everything you need to Know about The Graphenizer Lineup

Graphenizer 1 (G1)

G1 is a decarbonizer which is designed to remove carbon deposits from the pistons within the engine. This treatment cleans the valves, injectors, nozzles and pump which reduces the knocking sound, engine noises and vibrations.

G1 is injected into the air intake of the vehicles which instantly restores lost power while boosting acceleration and increasing mileage upto 20%.

Graphenizer 2 (G2)

G2 is a metal Treatment that would reduce the engine's heat upto 60% while extending the engine oil's life by upto 3 times.

G2 is used in the engine oil tank so it protects the engine by forming a graphene layer which protects the engine from friction and wear and tears, this formed layer helps in stopping oil leakage while also extending the engine's lifespan and most importantly the power.

Graphenizer 3 (G3)

G3 is used in the fuel tank to remove bacteria while separating the fuel molecules for better performance and mileage. The special formula of G3 breaks the chain of Hydrocarbon Bonds which helps in removing sludge and overall improving the fuel quality that allows it to burn fully.

The Lineup

What others say

My Car's mileage has doubled after doing the full treatment. Will continue using Graphenizer 100%
Subbu Reddy, Vizag, India
My Truck's engine's blow completely stopped and at the same time I see great results when it comes to performance and the mileaege.
Ibrahim Shaik, Guntur, India


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