Power Trio for Heavy-Duty Vehicles: Maximize Performance and Longevity

For owners invested in maintaining the peak performance of trucks, buses, and boats, ensuring a clean engine, superior protection, and improved fuel efficiency is paramount. Introducing the ultimate solution: a meticulously designed trio of products aimed at enhancing the driving experience of heavy-duty vehicles.

1. Instant Carbon Cleaner G1-50 ML: Revitalize Your Engine

Carbon buildup can hamper engine performance significantly. Instant Carbon Cleaner G1-50 ML is the answer to this concern. Specifically formulated to meticulously clean pistons and injectors, it directly targets carbon deposits. For larger vehicles, four bottles of G1-50 ML ensure a thorough cleaning process, optimizing engine performance.

Usage: Utilize 100 ML for efficient cleaning of each piston and injector. Employ four bottles of G1-50 ML for a single heavy-duty vehicle.

2. Full Engine Instant Protector G2-300 ML: Shield Your Engine

Maintaining engine health is key to longevity. Full Engine Instant Protector G2-300 ML provides an unparalleled shield to your engine. By adding it to the engine oil, you fortify the protection and efficiency of the engine. This step becomes pivotal in extending your engine's life and ensuring optimal performance for heavy-duty vehicles.

Usage: Add three bottles (300 ml) of G2-100 to your vehicle's engine oil. Ensure the engine oil is in good condition before incorporating G2-300.

3. Extra Mileage Booster G3-50 ML: Fuel Efficiency Redefined

After G1 and G2 treatments optimize your engine, Extra Mileage Booster G3-50 ML steps in to revolutionize fuel efficiency. This booster ensures that your trucks, buses, and boats burn fuel more efficiently, leading to better mileage and significant cost savings.

Usage: Treat 150 liters of fuel (Petrol/Diesel) with one 50 ml bottle of G3. Use G3 after G1 and G2 treatment for the best results.

Embrace the Power Trio:

Unleash the combined power of these meticulously crafted solutions to elevate your heavy-duty vehicle's performance, extend its life, and optimize fuel consumption. With the Instant Carbon Cleaner G1-50 ML, Full Engine Instant Protector G2-300 ML, and Extra Mileage Booster G3-50 ML, your trucks, buses, and boats are geared up for an exceptional journey ahead.

Don't wait; unlock the potential of your vehicles with this power-packed trio today!