2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS125 On-Road Prices: The price of the Pulsar NS125 launched by Bajaj has been increased. Let us tell you that in the last year 2023, Bajaj's Pulsar NS125 bike was available in Delhi for Rs. 1,06,000, which has been increased by the Bajaj company to Rs. 1,18,724, and also different price rates have been increased in different cities, which you can know through this 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS125 On-Road Prices article.

So welcome to this fun 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS125 on-road prices article of mine. Compared to 2023, the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 will cost Rs. 1,24,573 in Mumbai city in 2024, which was priced at 1,19,000 in Mumbai 2023. If you look at Bengaluru, then you will have to spend 1,34,000 in 2024. The same car was priced in Bengaluru in 2023 for just Rs. 1,27,000.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125: The Bajaj Pulsar NS125 has a fuel tank capacity of 12 litres, which ensures adequate riding range for varied journeys. With this capability, riders can enjoy extended trips without having to refuel repeatedly. As for the characteristics of the tyres, the Pulsar NS125 has 80/100-17 tubeless tyres at the front and 100/90-17 tubeless tyres at the rear. These tyres offer great stability, grip, and longevity, leading to a smooth and safe riding experience.

The suspension system of the bike includes telescopic forks at the front and mono shocks at the rear, ensuring proper handling and convenience on various road surfaces. This combination helps absorb grief from shocks and disturbances, providing riders with a balanced and controlled riding experience.

Introducing the ultimate power-filled combination for the performance and longevity of the bike: Instant Carbon Cleaner G1-20ml, Instant Full Engine Protector G2-30ml and Mileage Booster G3-50ml. This unique trio is specially designed to improve the biking experience and ensure the engine is clean, excellent in safety and extra mileage functionality.

Usage instructions: Add Instant Carbon Cleaner G1-20 ml to the air inect of the engine for piston cleaning. For small engines (0.75 liters), add 1 bottle of Instant Protector G2-30 ml to the engine oil. Make sure the engine oil condition is good. Use the G3-50 ml ml bottle to store 150 liters of fuel (gasoline/mL). Diesel). Use G-1 after G-2 and G-3 treatment for best results. NOTE: It is important to carefully measure and follow up the recommended amounts shifted for each product. Using more or less can affect the intended results.

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Additionally, the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 comes with a CBS with a 240mm front disc brake and a 130mm drum brake at the rear, which promotes good braking performance and safety of the South. With a power weight ratio of 83.3 PS/ton, the bike offers a dynamic and competitive riding experience, suitable for different riding conditions and preferences.

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