Graphenizer By RYNMS


The idea started with the realization of growing carbon emissions

The foundational idea came into existence as a project supported by RYNMS Group and Tajir Al Youm Gen Trd LLC’s investors funded a micro team within PISIQ to solve a major growing problem which was bad vehicle performance with a mission aimed at the transport industry which turned into a spinoff entity on its own when the vision was realized by the team members. This was realized as our mission.


A small team that was trying to solve a transportation problem which was costing the industry a lot of resources when it came to the mileage, the performance and the breaking down of vehicles that were crucial for the operations of those logistics focused industries.


This team was supported fully by the CEO of PISIQ which is how Graphenizer team ended up being a whole independent entity funded directly by the investors that invested in PISIQ. Being a spinoff entity gave Graphenizer’s team full ownership of the brand and the technology invented by the team.


Graphenizer is based on a very complex material with graphene as its core component. Graphenizer is Trademarked and Owned by RYNMS PVT LTD which is one of the main investment companies that have invested in PISIQ. Graphenizer’s technology is patented and the technology is exclusive to the company itself.