Graphenizer 1


The award winning Graphene Based additive lineup “The Graphenizer Lineup” consist of 3 revolutionary products

Try are:

1: Graphenizer 1 which is also known as G1

      Treatment’s instant benefits are as follows :

 a.) It removes the hard carbon deposits from the Pistons, Rings, Intake
Valves & Combustion Chambers, without opening the engine or any
machine, in just 10 minutes.

b.) It also removes the Emission, Pollution & Black Dark Smoke instantly.

c.) It cleans the Injectors / Nozzles, Valves, Pump & Plugs instantly
without opening them.

d.) It Reduces the Knocking Sound, Noises & Vibrations instantly.

e.) It Increases full Pickup with Smoothness & Restores the lost power.

f) It saves a lot of maintenance costs & time as well.

These additives have collectively become a catalyst that are responsible for simplifying vehicle
restoration without opening any internal components just by using liquid and basic tools.
Watch the video below to see more details in Video format

Graphenizer 1

Graphenizer 1 also known as G1 is a decarbonizer which is designed to remove carbon deposits
from the pistons within the engine. This treatment cleans the valves, injectors, nozzles and pump
which reduces the knocking sound, engine noises and vibrations.
G1 is injected into the air intake of the vehicles which instantly restores lost power while boosting.
acceleration and increasing mileage upto 50%

Dosage : (G1 50 ML)

Removes hard carbon from Pistons both petrol & diesel engines.
For Small cars 50 ML, SUV Cars 70 ML & Trucks / Buses 100 ML.
Diesel Cars cleans Injectors / Nozzles, Pump, Valves, Plugs etc.,
For Sedan cars 50 ML & SUV Cars 70 ML & Trucks / Buses 100 ML.

Uses : Once in a Year.
All types of Petrol & Diesel Two & Three Wheelers, Cars, Trucks,
Buses, Jcb’s, Boats & all the Heavy machineries etc…