Graphenizer 3


The award winning Graphene Based additive lineup ‘The Graphenizer Lineup” consist of 3 revolutionary products

Try are:

   Graphenizer 3 which is also known as G3.

(Add in Petrol / Diesel Tank) Treatment’s benefits are as follows :

1. It removes the bacteria, sludge & moisture inside the fuel tank.
2. It separates the fuel molecules & breaks the chain of hydrocarbon

3. It improves the density of the fuel & makes it burn almost

4. It instantly shows increased mileage in digital meters when added
to the fuel tank.

5. It increases extra mileage by up to 50% on highways.

These additives have collectively become a catalyst that are responsible for simlifying vehicle
restoration without opening any internal components just by using liquid and basic tools.

Watch the video below to see more details in Video format

Graphenizer 3

Graphenizer 3 also known as G3 is used in the fuel tank to remove bacteria while separating the
fuel molecules for better performance and mileage.
The special formula of G3 breaks the chain of Hydrocarbon Bonds which helps in removing
sludge and overall improving the fuel quality that allows it to burn fully

Dosage: Add 1 ML to 1 litre, Petrol / Diesel everytime you refill.

Uses : All types of Petrol & Diesel Vehicles : Two & Three
              Wheelers, Cars, Trucks, Jcb’s, Boats & all the other
              Heavy machineries etc…

Watch : Removes Carbon with Black smoke :