Graphenizer 2


The award winning Graphene Based additive lineup ‘The Graphenizer Lineup” consist of 3 revolutionary products

Try are:

   Graphenizer  2 which is also known as G2

a.)It forms a microfilm coat layer like a shield inside the engine that controls
friction & wear, and protects from Dirt, Corrosion & other harmful

b.) It increases efficiency in metaltometal surfaces and other internal moving
parts with powerful lubrication.

c.) It increases the engine’s Power & controls the jerk when the ac turns on.

d.) It Protects the engine if the radiator (coolant) leaks.

e.) For Radiator, it keeps the Head & Block cool with rust & Chock free to the
water pump & cylinder, and also increases life of the rubber (hose) pipes.

f.) It Stops Engine Oil Leakage & Extends the Engine’s Life.

g.) It Reduces Engine’s Heat up to 60% & stops the engine oil top up.

h.) It Extends the engine oil’s life up to 40,000 kms, instead of 10,000.

i.) It Saves Engine Oil cost up to 3 times.

j.) For A.C, it reduces the compressor noise and increases the cooling.

k.) In the fuel tank it forms a layer & protects forming rust inside.

l.) Wherever oil is used can be added there as well.

m.) It can be used even for new showroom cars as well.

These additives have collectively become a catalyst that are responsible for simlifying vehicle
restoration without opening any internal components just by using liquid and basic tools.

Watch the video below to see more details in Video format

Graphenizer 2

Graphenizer 2 also known as G2 is a metal Treatment that would reduce the engine’s heat upto
60% while extending the engine oil’s life by upto 3 times.
G2 is used in the engine oil tank so it protects the engine by forming a graphene layer which
protects the engine from friction and wear and tears, this formed layer helps in stopping oil
leakage while also extending the engine’s lifespan and most importantly the power.

Dosage Engine Oil  : Add 25 ML per litre (engine oil).

Radiator, Fuel Tank & A.C : Add 100 ML one bottle each & 50 ML in A.C

Note : Add G2 every time you change the engine oil or Coolant

USES : All types of Petrol, Diesel & CNG Engines, Gear Box, Radiator,
Differential, A.c. Compressors, Transformers, Bearings, Convey Belts,
Automotives, Hydraulics, small & heavy machineries and all other industrial purposes